Why am I a Parent Governor?

  • Mr Martin Philcock

    Parent Governor

    As a local secondary school teacher I have been fortunate to teach many Farnworth pupils during the next phase of their educational journey. When the time came to choose a primary school for my own children a major factor in the decision was my experiences of the Farnworth pupils. I wanted my children to reflect the same qualities when they started secondary school and for me Farnworth was the only option.

    My decision to apply for a governors role was to offer my help and experience to what I believe is an outstanding school and be a part of securing our children's futures during this time of change and uncertainty in the educational system. I am passionate about the educational of our children both at farnworth and within the wider community.

  • Mr Keith McKnight

    Parent Governor / Vice Chair of the Governing Body

    I offer my time and skills to Farnworth School because I am passionate about it being the best it can be. I want only the best for all the children who attend including my daughter and nieces. I feel honoured and privileged to have been elected to this role.

  • Mr William Bamin

    Parent Governor

    I am the proud parent of Jack (year 4) and Ava (reception) who both attend Farnworth CE school. I am grateful and privileged to be associated with the school and we have benefited immensely from the school and the values they teach.
    Being a Parent Governor gives me the chance to give something back to this wonderful school and its dedicated and committed staff.