Why am I a LA Governor?

Mrs Joanne Reynolds

LA Governor

Having grown up here, attended Farnworth myself, and now being the proud parent of a son in Y2, it is a real privilege to be appointed as a Governor in such a fantastic school. Being a Local Authority Governor doesn’t mean I work for the LA but that I applied for the role through the LA and was appointed by them. I have been a teacher of Mathematics for nearly 15 years, 10 of those were as Head of Maths and the last two as an Assistant Head, I have experience in Economics and accountancy and now that I currently work part-time in the Surveying Practice my husband and I set up, I feel I have the flexibility, experience, knowledge and time to give to this role. I believe a lifelong love of learning is the most important skill with which we can equip our children and I am honoured to work alongside the dedicated team at Farnworth that make this a reality for our children every day. I am excited and enthusiastic about becoming a Governor and to be able to truly give something back to somewhere so fundamental to me and my family.