Governor Profiles cont./-

Mrs Joanne Reynolds

LA Governor

I was elected as a Governor in September 2017 and although I am the Local Authority Governor, I am also a parent of two children in Farnworth (in Reception and Y4). I grew up here and have wonderful memories of attending Farnworth School myself.
My husband and I currently run our own Building Surveying Practice but with 15 years experience as a Secondary School Maths teacher, 10 years in Leadership, I am excited to use my skills and knowledge to collaboratively support and challenge the strategic vision of Farnworth School.
Being a governor is challenging but hugely rewarding. Our role, as Governors, is to ensure strategic leadership and accountability at Farnworth. We oversee the financial performance of the school, we hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils and we aim to ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction for the school.
Being a Governor has given me the privilege and opportunity to really get to know our School. Serving on the Curriculum and Standards committee, the Pay and Personnel Committee, acting as Clerk for the Resources Committee and my Governor link roles for Mathematics and Science has meant that I can passionately support and challenge School improvement whilst ensuring that our children, staff and Christian Ethos are at the heart of every strategic decision we make.
I contribute to the School in various ways; I am on the PTA committee and I volunteer at discos and the Christmas Market. I have supported many school trips and visits and I teach a group of Y6s Maths on Fridays to try to really challenge their mathematical thinking.
I am passionate about being part of the Farnworth team, to make a valuable contribution to our community; to support, challenge and give something back to the school where my children will learn and grow.

Mrs Heather Whitfield

Staff Governor

I joined the school community of Farnworth as Assistant Headteacher for Early Year Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 in September 2015. On becoming Deputy Headteacher at Farnworth in September 2018 I was honoured to be able to further support the school by being elected as a staff governor. My role within school is not only to support the Headteacher and staff but to support pupils and families too. I am the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo) and the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL). I also support children in care and who have been adopted. I liaise with members of our governing board to share information, support and strategies for the children within our school.
I have lived in Farnworth for 25 years and my own children attended Farnworth CE too. Being able to teach within the school where my children gained from many experiences and growth opportunities enables me to support families and children so that they can grow, learn and develop in order to prepare them to be the next generation of citizens within our community.
Working within our school, supporting pupils' needs and offering advice and support to families reflects our school's ethos and vision on a daily basis. Our curriculum has been planned to provide worthwhile and relevant learning opportunities to guide children within our setting along their educational and life journeys.

Mrs Ann Mather

Foundation Governor

Since October 2017, I have held the position of Foundation Governor at Farnworth CE Primary School. I am a regular member of St Luke’s congregation and I also participate in church services as a reader. Consequently I was delighted to be asked to represent St Luke’s Church in the capacity of Foundation Governor. Whenever I visit this school, the Christian ethos is palpable and I have witnessed how Christian values underpin all aspects of school life. I have also seen how readily pupils of Farnworth CE embrace acts of worship with their joyous hymn singing and confident performances across both key stages. This is testament to how pupils at this school are encouraged to grow spiritually in a secure and inclusive environment.
Moreover, for over thirty years I was a teacher of English in two secondary schools in Wigan, before retiring in July 2014. Consequently being a member of Farnworth’s Curriculum Committee has given me the opportunity to utilise the knowledge and skills gleaned during my teaching career. This is particularly the case when the focus has been on literacy and I have been impressed by how this school’s curriculum encourages pupils to think creatively and critically about a range of topics. Also, as a former Advanced Skills Teacher with responsibility for trainee teachers and having been a member of the Secondary Steering Committee at Liverpool Hope University, staff wellbeing has always been of the upmost importance to me. I firmly believe that high staff morale is one of the vital components to a successful school. Therefore being a governor allows me to continue to support teachers and to acknowledge the contribution all staff make to our children’s learning journey.
Finally, as a parent, I believe that Farnworth CE provided my daughter with the firm foundations on which to build her academic career and developed in her a love of learning. Consequently it is with gratitude and pride that I am a governor at this school.